Home Maintenance - Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

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  • Operate air conditioning. Confirm that cold air is coming out of vents. Remove any obstruction from vents, such as furniture or drapes.
  • Turn off the humidifier, clean unit and replace media.
  • Confirm that the outside unit is sitting level and is clear of any debris, such as leaves or toys.
  • Replace filters.

Clean out the fireplace if you used it during the winter

  • Confirm the damper is closed.
  • Check flashing around chimney, repairing any leaks as needed.
  • Move any unused wood away from house.

Open outside crawlspace vents

Clean gutters. Confirm downspouts are draining water away from foundation. Repair as needed. (Early May or late April)

Check caulking around windows and doors, touch up as needed.

Fill in any areas where backfill soil has settled.

Lubricate garage door springs and chain. Tighten any loose bolts.


  • Check attic for any roof leaks. Repair any leaks immediately.
  • Confirm any attic ventilation is working properly.

Check basement or crawlspace for any leaks, mildew or mold. Ensure vapor barrier in crawl space is intact, repair or replace as needed.

Check bathroom exhaust fans

  • Confirm they are working properly so they will pull excessive moisture out of bathroom.
  • Look for any mold in bathrooms. Repair any caulking around tub, shower and sink.

Trim any bushes or shrubbery that is blocking windows.

Check French Drains around house to make sure they are draining properly.

Replace window screens in windows to help cut down on unwanted solar heat through windows.

Check that stairwell hand rails are sturdy and steps are solid.