"We chose Alan to build our home based on his reputation for quality, meticulousness, and integrity. He far exceeded our expectations at every level. We have the confidence and peace of mind that our new home will be a safe and worry-free place to raise our young family for many years to come. Without hesitation, if we had to do it all over again, we would still choose Alan as our builder."

Nathan & Jenny

"It is with complete confidence and pleasure that we recommend Alan Fletcher Construction. We have experience with two prior custom-built homes as well as renovation projects, and none come close in comparison to the home that Alan built for us. To describe Alan as meticulous is an understatement. He was deeply involved and committed from the initial planning phase until the day we moved in our home. Alan and his wife Debbie were a pleasure to work with throughout the process, as were each and every subcontractor that worked on our home. We conducted an exhaustive search for the best builder who could remain on schedule without jeopardizing the quality of the construction. One client told us that when Alan commits to a completion date, he upholds this commitment. We moved into our home as was scheduled early in the process. Completing a home of exceptional quality on a planned schedule is a rarity among builders. Alan was on-site every day of our project attending to every single detail. He was patient with our changes along the way and partnered with us to adjust and improve anything that occurred during the process. It has been a year sine we moved into our home, and we remain 100% satisfied. We love the home Alan and his team built for us and appreciate the extraordinary quality and commitment to excellence provided by Alan Fletcher Construction."

Sharon & Greg

"Alan Fletcher built our custom home in 2001. We met with Alan on a Tuesday night to discuss our plans and specifications. He provided us with a price quote the very next day that was thousands less than prices received from other builders. His estimated completion time was half of that of other builders. His contract terms were reasonable and less onerous than other builders. He completed the project for the quoted price. He completed the project in less time than anticipated. He did not take short cuts in building what we had designed but he did make valuable engineering suggestions during construction that he felt were better design options than planned. Those we chose to use turned out to be spot on suggestions. He addressed concerns and a couple rare construction flaws without hesitation or argument.

Years after completion, we have been able to rely on Alan to help us assess repair solutions and provide us with guidance on the best way to maintain our home. Most recently, well past any warranty obligations, in trying to determine the cause of a hidden and inexplicable leak, Alan, at his cost, replaced some siding in a cantilevered section in our master bedroom. I believe this level of customer service is very rare among home builders in this or any other area.

If you need a home builder that you can trust to build your home, with the design characteristics that are important to you, for a fair price, in a reasonable time frame, while providing customer service well past his contractual obligations, Angie and I heartily suggest you talk to Alan Fletcher."

Bart & Angie

When my wife and I began the process of building our home, I asked several people in construction related fields "If you could pick one builder to build your house, who would it be?" Every one of them said Alan Fletcher without reservation. That confirmed what we had already knew by attending several Parades of Homes to see his work: We wanted Alan to build our house.

Alan makes the process seamless and actually enjoyable. We had fun with all of the decisions that had to be made because his planning is so meticulous that we never felt rushed. It is obvious when you see any of the homes Alan has built that his work is of the highest quality. All of the added "little details" that we did not even think about, he just did them.

However, that is not what impressed us the most. Alan's integrity as a person far surpasses his work. He was always open and honest with us, and always acted in our best interests. In an industry where integrity is sometimes secondary to profit, this was refreshing. We now have our dream home and can rest in knowing that it was built well by a builder who stands behind his work. If you value integrity, great overall value, and off-the-charts quality, then Alan Fletcher Construction needs to build your next home.


What really sets Alan apart is his dedication to hard work, attention to very fine details and material and ultimately staying organized to get the work done on time. When the build process started Alan was on the site every day, checking in with his subcontractors to be sure they had what they needed to do their work and to hold them accountable for getting things done according to the plans. Like any project, when what you had on paper starts to materialize in person, you appreciate even more the input that Alan had on your design process and for the allowances he made. We found ourselves saying "I'm sure glad we made this room (or this closet) that size" or "I'm glad we put an extra window here" or "I'm happy that we didn't put that room there on the plan" all of which were because Alan has the experience and provided the input during the design phase to make those changes then.

Alan spent a lot of time imagining how we would be living in each space, considering the kinds of activities that would take place in each square foot of a room. Having lived in our home for almost a year now, I can appreciate even more how this has made the activities that we do each day much easier.

We picked a few finishes that we wanted done from pictures alone and when we showed them to Alan he was genuinely excited to make them possible. Alan took every detail of this finish work seriously, calling on his suppliers and subcontractors to provide the perfect material and building of the final product that I think exceeds the quality in the pictures from which we started.

We truly appreciate what you built for us ... I've come to appreciate just how much thought you put into this now that we've had some time to actually live in the finished space.


"Alan Fletcher takes the title of "builder" to heart - he truly "builds" your home. Alan was on the job-site every day monitoring the construction process, not just stopping-by, but working side-by-side with his trusted crew. Alan was proactive in his approach, as opposed to being reactive. He would head off any issues before they became problematic.

In order to make your dream home a reality, a "hands-on" builder is a must. Any builder with less of a time commitment will leave you disappointed in the final product. For us, the quality and workmanship that is evident in our home is beyond compare, thanks to Alan Fletcher."

Lisa & Don

"Alan played an important part in all our decision-making, from choosing our lot, placement of the house and all phases of construction, through completion. Alan was very patient with us throughout the process, although there were days when we tested his patience with unnecessary worries and questions. I liked knowing Alan would visit our jobsite on a daily basis, allowing the opportunity for us to meet with him if necessary.

Alan has developed a system involving all subs and suppliers which allows him to maintain a tight schedule and a predicted completion date we could count on. We in fact moved into our home two weeks ahead of schedule. This same system guarantees the homeowner a quick response from all subs and suppliers after occupation of their home, if they need help, which is not likely.

Alan quickly acquired a feel for the style home we wanted to build and was very diligent in doing everything possible to make sure we were successful in building our Dream Home. THANK YOU, ALAN FLETCHER!"

Mike & Virginia

"Because you were so actively involved in the construction of our wonderful home it was most helpful to be able to contact your most pleasant and knowledgeable office and support staff. Every communication was an enjoyable exchange because Debbie Fletcher understood our questions, and answered them accurately and quickly. Any time we spoke with her we knew that what we needed to communicated to you would be delivered and acted upon. She has a most pleasant manner and was always reassuring in her conversation. Debbie helped us build confidence in Alan Fletcher Construction.

Since it was our first custom built home we were most cautious in how the dollars spent would deliver the maximum result. We believe we received far more in quality than we expended in costs. You selected only the finest materials and fashioned them into a beautiful home. At each new phase you heard our questions and welcomed out thoughts on how to take the next step and gave us seasoned advice on what would make our home the way we envisioned. There were only three "change orders" and each one was to our advantage. Additionally we finished the house right at "budget", which says to me that you not only exercise your craft superbly but you know how to start and finish the job with both efficiency and effectiveness. We can't thank you enough for giving us our wonderful home. We love it!"

Ron & Cinde

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