Home Maintenance - Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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  • Make sure outside unit is sitting level and remove any obstructions.
  • Replace filters.
  • Check condensate pan.

Check humidity level in basement. If humidity is above 60% use a dehumidifier to keep it below 60%.

Deep clean carpets and rugs. This will remove pollen that had settled into them during the spring, which can shorten the life of your carpet.

Run water into any sink that is not used regularly. This not only allows you an opportunity to check that the faucet is operating without leaks, but also ensures that water is left in the trap.

Pour water in basement floor drain to ensure water is in trap if needed.

Check window functions, ensuring the all operate smoothly. Lubricate as needed.

Lubricate door hinges.

Confirm sump pump is working.

Check weather-stripping around doors and windows. Repair or replace as needed.

Check exterior wood trim for signs of damage or deterioration. Repair or replace as needed.

Check exterior paint; sand and touch up as needed.

Clean dryer duct of built up lint. Move dryer away from wall and vacuum any lint.

Make sure no plants or roots are growing into the siding or foundation of house.

Repair any cracks in sidewalk, driveway and steps.

Inspect drywall for any settling cracks. Repair as needed.

Clean and vacuum under and around refrigerators and freezers, including the grill under the appliance.

Check septic tank. It is recommended to pump septic tanks once every 5-6 years to prevent damage to tank.