Home Maintenance - Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

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Replace HVAC filters.

Confirm that hoses are disconnected from outside spigots.

Drain water heater per manufacturer directions to help control sediment accumulating in the bottom of the water heater and help it run more efficiently.

Clean and vacuum under and around refrigerators and freezers, including the grill under the appliance.

Check for leaks in faucets and toilets. Repair as needed.

Check attic for any roof leaks. Repair any leaks immediately.

Clean dryer duct of built up lint. Move dryer away from wall and vacuum any lint.

Clean all plumbing drains; shower, tub and sink drains. Also clean dishwasher drain.

Test that main water cut off valve is functioning properly.

Confirm that fireplace is operating safely.

Inspect gas logs before lighting.

Test garage door safety reverse feature. Have it repaired if it does not stop when there is an obstruction under it.

Test Ground Fault Circuit Interruption (GFCI) circuit breakers. Call an electrician if they are not working properly.

Check condition of range hood filter. If it is dirty replace it.

Check that all fire extinguishers are charged.